10/23/14 Prologue 04


Verdi had his stitches/staples taken out, and they said he healed well. Paws crossed. Poor sick thing could use a break.

I’ve been coloring Dee for the last 7 hours and my eyes feel like they’re going to fall out. Remember, kids, don’t forget to blink!

But I’ve got a smile on my face and contentment in my chest.

10/16/14 Prologue 02


Yontengu, my second update of the new strip illustrated by Don Ahé and written by me.

For those of you who were up early on Tuesday (or late on Monday), you may have seen this page as I’d accidentally posted it rather than page 2. So, if you HAVE read this, you might want to go see what you missed on Tuesday.

I have been distracted. This is not like me. What a bummer! I will try to be less distracted tomorrow.

10/14/14 Prologue 01

Allow me to now present: “YONTENGU”! A sci-fi adventure comic running Tue & Thur (alternating with “One Way” which runs M-W-F). Drawn by the amazing Don Ahé and written by me, Christopher Baldwin. For the first installment, we are posting the chapter frontispiece, and the first two pages. To get you going. Enjoy!


We’re still working at page layout. Will probably be puttering at it all week. Finger’s crossed!

10/08/14 Yontengu! Tuesday-Thursday!

So, Yontengu starts next week! Let me tell you more!

Stewart C. Baker (fiction and poetry writer, check him out at Infomancy) is helping me with some website redesign. And thank goodness. I was trying to write the css in crayon, but the data processor kept giving me distinct reprimands. My knuckles are still red from the ruler. It might not be fully redesigned by Tuesday, but it will be int he works.

As was suggested in Tuesday’s comments by @Dave, “Googling Yontengu brought up some hits for “Yon Tengu”, Japanese for “four tengu”, and a tengu is a supernatural being in Japanese mythology/folklore, sorta like a god or possibly a demon. So, I’m thinking it’s going to be about the four elemental spirits or something like that. (Chris, am I right?)” Yes, Dave, exactly.

Don Ahé (who you may remember from his Spacetrawler fill-in a year-and-a-half ago), who is drawing it, described it better than I could: “I asked Christopher Baldwin, a friend and favorite cartoonist of mine if he would be up for writing a comic for me to draw. I envisioned a female Buck Rogers,  a girl Science Hero like Adam Strange, a tough no nonsense fighter in the vein of the Magnus the Robot Fighter. Christopher enthusiastically jumped aboard, and wrote a great story, totally different then what I had envisioned…..and i loved it. Yontengu starts October 14th, at Baldwinpage.com

Ha! Well, I wouldn’t say TOTALLY different. Just my take on it. 😉