08/04/10 Massaging Yuri’s Feet


In panel #7, Martina is making an “Eiffel Tower” hand gesture.

Me, I have been eating cookies all afternoon. I can be such a glutton.

Of course, yesterday We walked three-and-a-quarter miles round-trip to each get a slice of pizza. Mind you, Veraci makes damn good thin crust pizza.

Maybe I’m more an extremist than a glutton, gluttony is simply one of its colorful trappings.

Today I submitted another story, this one to Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine. And I wrote a Fantasy story last week, but felt it could be a great comic, so I rewrote it, sketched it up and passed it on to my MAD Editor.

All the grass that’s been growing in my head, I’m mowing it down like a tornado, without any idea what that means.


  1. JKCarroll

    Well, with all that grass, just don’t forget to rake it up and put it in the compost heap.

    And as for Yuri’s leg, you can sew that back on, can’t you? (It’s a leg so you’d have to use a running stitch…)

  2. Wow. I thought it might go this way eventually. I mean from the beginning we know that Martina is going to die. It doesn’t look good for our protagonists.

    About how long is this comic expected to last? I mean, are we ten percent of the way in? Fifty? Ninety? I feel like it is all over for the crew. Maybe I am a pessimist.

    I do think that if Yuri ends up getting a robotic leg she will be ok with that.

  3. Christopher

    The most current guestimate plan is that it is a 3 year project, with one book per year, approximately 104 pages each, full color. Each “book” will have individual plots, but there will also be an overarching plot for the series.

  4. I think that because each year will have a different “book,” with individual plots, it adds to my fear that you could easily kill off any and all of these characters and still have an overarching plot. Plus, leading off with finding out the lead is dead (maybe) doesn’t help assuage these fears.

  5. stevegallacci

    odear. I wonder if they didn’t realize the consequences of cutting off her leg? Especially Shuar, who might lose and regenerate limbs with not too much trouble(?) Or, have some kind of medtech that makes lopping off and re-installing limbs a no big deal process?(and a particularly unnerving interrogation technique in its own right if the subject wasn’t familiar with the re-installation half of the process) We can only hope, ’cause if they didn’t do it right, Yuri would be a gonner in seconds. And that would be BAD. (I mean it, it would be BAD, really BAD, shame on you BAD) -humph-

  6. JKCarroll

    @ErikZ, if they used a laserblade then the wounds would have been cauterized as they cut, minimizing blood loss.

    And it just struck me: What effect will this have on the budding Dimitri/Shuar romance? Will they ever be able to look each other in the visual sensory clusters (no, wait, that’s the mercenary guards … how about “ocular sensory tissues”?) and once again share those sweet, sweet 20 minutes of passion (or should that be, “5 minutes of conversation and 15 minutes of passion”)? Or will work and politics continue to drive them apart? And will this cut into Dimitri’s percentage of the budding Russian Tea Cookie monopoly?

    Stay tuned.

  7. Danna

    Aaagh. Huge sudden mood shift. On the other hand, hooray for black humor, and it feels right that everyone’s hilarious, slapstick, dumb luck ran out. It’s like the other shoe has finally dropped.

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