08/08/10 Martina Yells At Shuar


I spent a lovely day in Tacoma this past week (35 minutes south of Seattle). A strange city, which reminds me a bit of cities on the east coast (old buildings, lots of brick). we packed a picnic, walked a bit, sat by Puget Sound, walked through a greenhouse, got some vegan dinner, and walked some more.

It got a bit chilly Saturday night, and so we rented Nausicaa and watched it in front of a fire, both of which are always a pleasure.

I’ve posted a page of what books I’ve been reading (which means: listening to them on audiobook), there is also a link up with my other personal links. I started the list in November of 2007, around when I started really getting into audiobooks. Honestly, I’m sure I forgot to put quite a few books in there. It doesn’t say anything about them or rate them or anything like that. Oh, and it doesn’t include comic books or graphic novels, not as a statement of value, but as a media. I don’t list movies either. But if you’re curious what i’ve been reading, there it is.

This has been a great week for comics for me. I finally got my hands on the new (and last) Scott Pilgrim, I finally finished reading the entire archive of Marooned, and I spent a lovely afternoon with Steve Gallacci and then re-read the first three issues of Albedo. All three were excellent reads.


  1. Christopher

    Oh, come now. She’s saying, “aaiiieeee!!!” a LOT in this strip! Corpses don’t go, “aaiiieeee!!!” Even if zombified, it’d be more like “auggueeegghhh!!!” 🙂

  2. stevegallacci

    I just lurv Shuar’s expression in panel 7. Strikes me as she is entirely out of her depth. Emily is just a nut, though. A really scary tough nut. We can only hope for Yuri, though, she was keen on getting cyborged, so may get her chance, like it or not.

  3. Steve Gallacci! Cool! I loved Albedo, back when it was coming out.
    And now he’s back (yay!) and stealing my comments (Hey!). I was gonna say that! Sort of. I was gonna do a bit about her emulating Steve Austin, but the heck with it now. Damn you, Gallacci!!

  4. JKCarroll

    That is SO cool! I NEVER thought we would ever see Martina actually get angry! I do hope Yuri’s limbs can be regrown, or something like that. (“Paging Gray17 to the medical bay” “Is that a directive?”) And it could be worse: Dustin could be helping.

    And speaking of things getting diced, how are the plans for the Great Cookrookerie Butterscotch Battle coming?

    (What? It’s early, I haven’t had breakfast, and I’m hungry.)

  5. Christopher

    Thanks, @Genetecist. I’ll fix that. And that is the actual color I use for her outfit, but with the washes it appears dark brown, I must have forgot to put washes in that area.

    @Matt, who’s to say she’s dead? Not that I wouldn’t stoop that low, I certainly would.

  6. Kat

    Holy crap! SO funny, and yet kinda disturbing… in a very entertaining way. Emily IS totally nuts. But I think it’s completely awesome that she is wearing her coat over her spacesuit!

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