02/09/11 Spacetaxi Port


Yup, it’s true. Spacetrawler book 1 is NOW AVAILABLE. Along with “Limbic-Fizzler” Tee and “This-Coffee-Tastes-Like-Asteroid” mug. This is my main source of income, PLUS THE BOOK IS AWESOME, so please show your support and GET YOURSELF A BOOK!


  1. @Paul: But we need her! Not only is she awesome at kicking asses (and heads), but someone needs to think about Pierrot (yes, calling him up to make you laugh counts as thinking about him)

    Martina is truly a great leader. Always knowing what to say (and when to say nothing and let a crewmember be beat-up)

    As for the book, are all the characters they breaking through the seat of a pair of pants? (Sorry, first thing that came to mind when I read “The human seat”)

  2. StewartP

    I lost a comment πŸ™ I hope this doesn’t appear twice, like a n00b)
    Dimitri reminds me of myself, when I was older.
    @Christopher: any chance of you getting out to the annual comic book festival here in AngoulΓͺme? biggest in Europe…. free lodging chez moi…. and then you can sign the book I just bought!

  3. Geez, Dustin! You didn’t get any promises because ypu refused to join, remember? “The short answer is no, and the long answer is still no.” (Seems to me Krep missed a golden opportunity for an ironic echo there. Even Kronk understands those, so it wouldn’t be wasted on Dustin. Maybe.)

  4. JKCarroll

    @CrispFlows, Nah. No padded room for Dustin. He’s Australian, remember? He’ll just wind up in some bar in the Outback, getting people to buy him drinks in exchange for stories about how he almost brought peace and galactic technology to the Earth, and forming part of the local “color”.

    Besides, given the choice between Sydney and Canberra as the capitol of Dustinia, it would be Sydney hands down. Canberrra has too many politicians.

  5. How are you about folks making guesses at what might go on, Mr. Baldwin? Not questions about what’s going to happen, but saying something like, “I’d lay money on doing before too long!”

    I know some online graphic artists hate such things, since if the guess is exactly what’s planned, they feel they should change what’s going to happen, and if the guess has a better reception than what’s planned, they get self-critical about their own plans.

  6. Christopher

    @YoungWilliam, I’m fine with it. Sometimes suggestions are spot on, sometimes definitely not, sometimes they do influence me, and sometimes all three. But it’s all a process and all enjoyable, even when I feel awkward. πŸ™‚

  7. Whew! As I mentioned, I’ve been witness to some artists all but flipping out over it, so I thought it best to check before tossing out any, “Wouldn’t it be neat if Dimitri did…” or “I wonder if this is what Emily was hinting at, back in strip number 56?”, or suchlike comments.

    PS: That bit in the previous comment was supposed to be β€œI’d lay money on (person) doing (thing) before too long!”, but since I used the same brackets that HTML uses, it seems to have dropped words.

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