04/11/12 While Qwahntoo Is Out


I just wanted to give shout-out to animals today. April 10th-or-11th is National Pet Day. And so:

1. Remember all the love we get from them, and the affection they show. Give your pet a pat of acknowledgement. Maybe spend an extra 10 minutes just sitting with them.

2. And allow me to urge you: if considering a pet, do not go to a breeder or pet store — ADOPT (AND spay/neuter). Approximately 3-4 million animals are killed in animal shelters per year. This is such a terribly sad thing. Please, not only is saving one from death a kind and benevolent thing, but perhaps building a loving relationship with them is a consideration worth putting before their breed.

Anyhow, If you agree, urge others in the same path. If you disagree, this might have come off as rant-ish — please know I wish you no ill-will.

It was gorgeous out today, and so my girlfriend convinced me to go roller-skating. But after probably 1/4 mile, of all things, a wheel came off. Amazingly, even with my clumsy amateur skills, I didn’t fall. I’m just glad her skates were fine so she could skate back to the car for my shoes. 🙂


  1. Tom

    I’m actually quite curious, is Qwahntoo only known exclusively to a few people or does everyone generally knows him as “that guy who’s usually around Kuu-Drahc so probably works for him?” Also, me thinks their blind stabs in the dark will end up with an army of “Dusties”.

  2. Kinginyellowttters

    I’ve been thinking about Qwahntoo. As the originally enslaver of the Eebs w/thousands of years of experience to think things out, he’s almost certainly augmented himself in a similar way that Yuri did… except that he has had access to UNCLAMPED Eeb brain material to slot into his own head (choice parts, at that)… and probably has outfitted himself with other very subtle but powerful technological//biological/technoorganical/some-combination-of-the above augmentations. He could wind up much more than just a “simple” millennia-old evil mastermind… he could be the closest this comic has to a physically-embodied God… I hope our heroes know what they are getting into… 🙁

  3. Ol' Gui

    Quite enjoyed the conversation. ” Add self to short list ” has to be one of the most useful notes possible. ( If it’s not too much trouble, would you please pencil me in too? )

  4. The facial expressions in panel 7 absolutely made my day. He may be thousands of years old and harder than death, but I have to wonder how well he’d really get along without an assistant (and how aware both parties are of that question).

  5. Corpore Metal

    This leads me to wonder just how far the GOB’s influence extends. There are still dark planets, like Earth. Are there other nations in the Milky Way in stellar territory the GOB doesn’t control? Or does the GOB rule the entire thing–ignoring the dark planets.

    I don’t expect any immediate answers but am looking forward to how the story reveals some of this.

    And yeah, I’d be wanting to get on Qwahntoo’s short list too! The dude creeps me out!

  6. +1 to the pet campaign. Both of our dogs and our cat are shelter animals (and we are thinking of another cat ).

    Unclamped Eebs as a source of material? Where would he have gotten them? All of the species but one had all brain clamped themselves before he came along.

  7. JKCarroll

    @Corpore, I imagine Uranus, with its rich deposits of darkhuenium (https://www.baldwinpage.com/spacetrawler/2010/06/16/spacetrawler-50/) is somewhere on that list. Not that anyone is claiming it outright, since it belongs to Earth, but I imagine somewhere in some filing cabinet are papers showing certain corporations have paid x amount of credits in order to have first bidding rights on those deposits; said credits being placed in an (interest-bearing) account to be held against the time that the mining rights are negotiated. As long as Earth remains dark, the interest on that account helps fund a number of retirement plans.

    @Christopher, glad to see you survived your wheel-thingy.

  8. JKCarroll

    @Galane, if you mean those green glowy things, those are tactile inputs, what we would call “keyboards”, except there aren’t any keys on them. More like touchpads, where the location of a “button” can be programmed anywhere on the surface, along with the glyph describing its function.

    Either that or they’re just very large wrist-rests, perfect for laying your head on for power naps.

  9. Canuovea

    Regarding Kinginyellowttters’s theory,

    Well, back then Qwahntoo did succeed in killing 6 unclamped Eebs. Sure, they’re killable, but not liable to go down without a fight. So chances are that he has something up his sleeve.

  10. I think under that cloak quantoo has some sort of terrifying praying mantis type insectoid body with huge claws and long spindly legs. Either that or he is actually an especially evil eeb who betrayed his own kind and uses telekenesis to control a muppet like fake body.

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