06/23/14 Taking Charge


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Everything was fine here. I went in and did some drawings during a local play production (the dress rehearsal) of “Fully Committed” starring Sam Lloyd (from “Scrubs”), pictures which will hang in the lobby during the run of the show. It’s a fun program called “TOONing In” (which kinda happened because I saw it done in portland and passed that kernel along). I haven’t scanned them in or anything, but I will soon and share some then.

My sweetie and I FINALLY got to Massachusetts for the first time this year, just barely enough time to do a whirlwind visit of my dad and then my mom. Funny how weekends can be so exhausting!

06/13/14 The Language Code


The plot THICKENS! (like soup!)

Wednesday my sweetie decided to move her office up two floors, and so we were up into the wee hours of the night moving heavy stuff. Thursday had to get up early. I am a tired, sore, a mess.

Our kitty, Verdi, is not well, infections and coughing, hacking… stuff that’s been going on for years. Finally took him (the “early morning” thing I just mentioned) to the vet for a full look-over (not that we haven’t done this before), and hoping to find answers. Always sad. It’s like a baby, in that you can’t explain “we’re poking and prodding you for your own good.” But at least we finally found an e-collar to keep him from chewing his tummy (did you know that stands for “Elizabethan collar,” which makes it feel more classy than a “plastic head guard.”

NASA, you are way cool. (and notice the ship warp drive design-and-ring, and how it kinda’ looks like our fair ship in One Way)


06/04/14 Turnaround Complete


Hello Wednesday!

Sorry, ioio, still no Spacetrawler colored. But it’s on my mind! 😉

Oh, hey! I finally bought a plane ticket. It’s official, I’ll be at Convergence Science-Fiction/Fantasy Convention in Minneapolis for 4th of July weekend. Come! It’s way fun! And find me in the dealer’s room.

Convergence Sci-Fi Con
July 3-6, Bloomington, MN

A lot of Kickstarters going on. Must be in the air. Jorge Cham of PHD has one up for a sequel to the PHD movie based on his comic (you can even watch the first movie while you think about it). Zach Weiner of SMBC is writing/funding a children’s book “Augie and the Green Knight” illustrated by the amazing Boulet. Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots is doing a KS fundraiser for a US tour, get her lovely swag!

Me? I’m just up to the usual. Another marathon day of laying out the Little Dee graphic novel today. 17 pages. Seems one could lay out more in a day, but I guess I’m thumb nailing them and such as well. Anyhow, loving it, it’s coming out GREAT, and I’m super excited.

06/02/14 Half Way Point


June’s here already? Ay-yi-yi.

Had a fine weekend. We walked around town. Saw my friend Sherry read from her new book of poetry, Deep Kiss. We made a batch of vegan cheese, some muffins.

After about a month of my new novel being stalled (a chapter I just couldn’t figure out), I finally DID figure it out and wrote it on Friday, and it came out well. I’m very happy to have the tub unplugged. Except the next chapter might be a difficult one too. Hrm.

05/30/14 Initiating Turnaround


Thanks to Fred, again, for all the help writing science that kinda makes sense over the next few strips.

Ugh. My brain is a bit fried. Just spent the day laying out pages for the Little Dee novel. It’s like playing Tetris, now I’m seeing squares and word balloons and rearranging them in front of my eyelids when I close my eyes. Wouldn’t trade it for anything though. 🙂

05/28/14 Pep Talk


Yay! One of my favorite graphic novel, Hicksville, made it on Rolling Stone’s list of 50 best non-superhero comic strips. Read his ongoing webcomic Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen. Fun!

Did I mention that when my friend Cedra came to visit that my sweetie and I went with her to the Secret Caverns, just west of Albany? Anyhow, we did. It’s not a well preserved cave, which means two things: one is that it’s cool that you can touch EVERYTHING, and the other is that the delicate ecosystem of the cave is pretty dead. But it was pretty, and amazing, and the 100 foot underground waterfall was pretty fantastic.