08/08/16 Homecoming 04


Phew! This feels so good to finally be able to post this strip. I’m excited to be able to finally share the twist of the story with you.

And just to make it clear before the conspiracy theories begin in the comment section. 🙂 This is a straightforward truthful explanation he is giving, in the story this is what actually happened. There’s only about 8 strips left, it is winding up, and I will not be taking the story down any “double bluff” in regards to this.

Regarding printing “Anna Galactic” as a book, I am pretty sure this will happen. Hopefully I’ll have news for you on Wednesday. Just waiting to hear back from printers.

08/05/16 Homecoming 03


Oh my goodness. STILL no explanation. I am just waiting for you all to show up at my door with torches and pitchforks. Sorry!

I can tell you though, on Monday, the whole backstory will FINALLY be explained. Hope it lives up to the hype.

Oh, and I’m still waiting back to hear from some printers. I’m feeling more and more determined to make this happen!

Have a great weekend. -Christopher

08/03/16 Homecoming 02


Hrm. Well, I got the quote back from the printer, and with so many pages (248) it is a bit pricey, and I ran the numbers quite a few times, and I just don’t think a Kickstarter is likely to be successful. Sigh. BUT, I may have P.O.D. printer who will work with me for a reasonable price. We shall see. I’ll keep you posted!

08/01/16 Homecoming 01


Purplehair Eyescar! Happy Monday!

So, I took the time this weekend to lay out the text for the rest of the comic. This is the final “scene” followed by an epilogue. I had thought it would actually run through at least mid-September but apparently it will finish up this month (probably) on August 26th! Holy cow! So soon.

So, I have a lot to do. It means I am going to try to launch Spacetrawler on August 22nd (yay), and it means that I will be running a (shorter than hoped for) Kickstarter to try to print Anna Galactic. I have most of the Kickstarter campaign together, I am just awaiting printing and shipping cost estimates. (I as well need to finish developing Spacetrawler, write the second half a graphic novel, rebuild the Spacetrawler website, transcribe recorded interviews and write a script for a comic I received a grant for, etc before then too, but who’s counting?)

No rest for the wicked! Wicked AWESOME that is. 😉

07/27/16 Mourning 01


Okay, so the internet peoples are scheduled to come to the house Thursday morning, hopefully all will be up and fully functional by then. In the meantime, we’ve driven to the town library and are using their internet for a couple hours to get caught up.

Thank you all for the kind words regarding the power outage. All is right as rain now. I apologize that I said we were “out of water,” when I meant we were “out of RUNNING water” (the well’s pump runs on electricity). We not only got to town and brought back more water than we needed, we found out we had a kind neighbor who gets their water from a higher-elevation spring, and so no electricity was needed for them to have water. ALSO, we just were hiking, so we have water purifiers and could have gotten it from the small river nearby if needed.

I did beat myself up a bit about my process now being digital, and so I needed power to do anything, but then I cut myself some slack. Even if it was drawn on paper, I have ALWAYS done post-production digitally, and have always colored digitally. So even if I hand drew Anna Galactic, it wouldn’t have helped. So, I’m being nice to me now. In fact, I think I deserve a cookie. 😉

Overall I didn’t sweat things. Power out means we simply lost a few things in the fridge, had to think about water, and couldn’t take showers. The road blocked by a tree meant that we couldn’t get to the library to do work or get online.

And so we had a huge candlelight feast with all the perishables. We read books and did crossword puzzles and sang and payed the ukulele. I have a solar thermos (not solar panels, but with concave mirrors which concentrate the suns’s beams into an evacuated glass tube to heat the water) and so we even had hot coffee.

I know. Roughin’ it. Right?

be well, -Christopher

EDIT: Whoot! Internet kicked in!

Power Out

Update: power finally back on (updating from phone, still no internet), water back on, road open. Last night’s strip will go up tonight (tomorrow as well, right back on schedule)!



A huge storm passed through middle-Vermont during the day on Saturday. The power is out, no water even, and huge trees block the road so we can’t escape via car either.

So, I may not have power for days, so I can’t create strips, and I had to take a long walk just for phone service to post this.

So! Will be back as soon as I can. The town estimate is 2 or 3 days. I apologize for the delay.

Sincerely, Christopher