06/13/14 The Language Code


The plot THICKENS! (like soup!)

Wednesday my sweetie decided to move her office up two floors, and so we were up into the wee hours of the night moving heavy stuff. Thursday had to get up early. I am a tired, sore, a mess.

Our kitty, Verdi, is not well, infections and coughing, hacking… stuff that’s been going on for years. Finally took him (the “early morning” thing I just mentioned) to the vet for a full look-over (not that we haven’t done this before), and hoping to find answers. Always sad. It’s like a baby, in that you can’t explain “we’re poking and prodding you for your own good.” But at least we finally found an e-collar to keep him from chewing his tummy (did you know that stands for “Elizabethan collar,” which makes it feel more classy than a “plastic head guard.”

NASA, you are way cool. (and notice the ship warp drive design-and-ring, and how it kinda’ looks like our fair ship in One Way)


06/02/14 Half Way Point


June’s here already? Ay-yi-yi.

Had a fine weekend. We walked around town. Saw my friend Sherry read from her new book of poetry, Deep Kiss. We made a batch of vegan cheese, some muffins.

After about a month of my new novel being stalled (a chapter I just couldn’t figure out), I finally DID figure it out and wrote it on Friday, and it came out well. I’m very happy to have the tub unplugged. Except the next chapter might be a difficult one too. Hrm.

05/30/14 Initiating Turnaround


Thanks to Fred, again, for all the help writing science that kinda makes sense over the next few strips.

Ugh. My brain is a bit fried. Just spent the day laying out pages for the Little Dee novel. It’s like playing Tetris, now I’m seeing squares and word balloons and rearranging them in front of my eyelids when I close my eyes. Wouldn’t trade it for anything though. 🙂

05/05/14 Lamont Collaboration


Had a nice weekend. I made cookies on Friday, gone by Saturday. Trying to plan out the next chapter of the novel, but it’s stumping me a bit. Made pancakes, made burritos, made stew. Rode my bike to play racquetball against myself (while listening to Harry and the Potters, which is what i always listen to while playing racquetball).

Worked more on the “Siblings” painting. I’m liking how it’s coming out.


04/14/14 What’s Up


Had a nice weekend. Read some of my poetry at a poetry reading at a friend’s house on Saturday. Saw some classical piano on Sunday. Enjoyed the warm spring sun.

Still trying to figure out why the heck my wordpress theme is not picking up on permalinks. The “next” and “previous” links only work from the home page, but they go along a different route than the actual archive pages (which are listed on the left). I added the BIG double-arrow navigators to the outside of the page, which work from the actual archive pages, so you can use those. The slowness is that I’m having to ask various people for help (it is beyond my knowledge) and although the people helping are absolute saints, it takes time to respond etc. But, hopefully up soon! (if curious, watch the exciting discussion here)

03/24/14 Final Words


Ah, seeing the the Glens Falls Symphony Orchestra was nice. And it totally got my brain cells working too, which I love. I often come out of classical music with one or two new really good ideas. In fact, I wonder these days if I even enjoy the music as much any more, or if I just go to get ideas. Either way, it was great timing, as I’m working madly on two graphic novel scripts.

Saturday night I held my own playing “Sheep’s Head,” but Charlotte was the clear winner of the night. Next time. NEXXXT TIIMMMEEE! :)

Other than that, I’ve just been kicking around with my sweetie.