08/29/14 Death Simplifies


Thursday I drove down with Mike Peterson (I illustrate newspaper serial stories he writes) to Albany to meet Mary Miller of the NYNPA NIE (New York News Publisher’s Association, Newspapers In Education). Which is nice, Mary is responsible for much of the grants for funding for theses stories, and I’d yet to meet her (and she’s a hoot). Oh, and, btw, contact Mike or Mary if you wish educational serials to run in YOUR paper.

08/18/14 – All Here


My sweetie’s mom was up for the weekend. A day of driving, movies, food, and general conversation. but now I need a weekend to relax. 😉

Saw the new Woody Allen “Magic In The Moonlight,” which was a silly romance. I enjoy his films a lot, even the silly ones.

Oh, and I started a new painting. Just blocked it out, but I love “process” pictures, so I’m going to share it.


08/15/14 Like A Teenager


Met up with some writer friends last night, and they helped by tearing apart the intro of the comic-to-replace-One-Way-due-out-around-new-years. Overall it’s coming out great and I’ve been getting good feedback, I’m just working now to make it even stronger.

But most of the night was just cracking jokes and eating cookies until midnight. Which is about as close to perfection as I know it.

06/30/14 Fairness and Stellarball

I will be tabling in Minneapolis at Convergence SF/F Con this weekend! Come on by!


Weekend was filled with relaxing. Just kidding. It ended up being full of errands and cat number THREE really sick to the vet. I’ll be happy Wednesday when the Little Dee layout is to the printer and I get on a plane to Minneapolis. Finally relax. Maybe.

There was a discussion on Friday’s strip about relative time distortion issues, but, they are not actually an issue. There are no relativity effect. I should put that in the strip, but it was mentioned in the Higgs Drive description:

Further tests demonstrated that the HtNEI distorted the actual fabric of “dimension alpha” in such a way that the space in front of the HtNEI was pleated (for want of the actual mathematical term) in such a way that the clipper only interacted with a small fraction of the actual distance between origin and its terminus. FTL travel, without apparent relativity effects, was a side-effect of the function of the HtNEI.


06/18/18 All About

For those who didn’t notice: I have set up a Patreon page! A way of easy tipping which would have made even Edward Bellamy proud. if you don’t want to trek all the way there to see the video i did explaining it all (the first minute is actually even informative), here you go!

Now you should go to the Patreon page, before another moment passes! 🙂


Monday was good. Met up with plein air buddies (first time since last summer) and we sat around painting and drawing and drinking tea. What a fun way to work!

If you didn’t visit my Patreon page above, check it out!