08/20/14 Vote The Obvious


My agent, the fabulous Susan Hawk, posted an article over the weekend which is essentially her asking all her authors about revision and feedback and such. My advice is in there, but it pale compared to some of the great things people wrote. Check it out.

Also: Thursday I’ll be doing a huge chalk drawing for Chalk Fest, Glens Falls, NY 2014. Can’t wait (and hope it doesn’t rain)! The theme is Lichtenstein. You may remember the dragon I did last year…

08/18/14 – All Here


My sweetie’s mom was up for the weekend. A day of driving, movies, food, and general conversation. but now I need a weekend to relax. 😉

Saw the new Woody Allen “Magic In The Moonlight,” which was a silly romance. I enjoy his films a lot, even the silly ones.

Oh, and I started a new painting. Just blocked it out, but I love “process” pictures, so I’m going to share it.


08/11/14 Giving All Or A Jerk


A nice mellow weekend. A local theater company performed “Taming of the Shrew” in the park down in Saratoga Springs. A fun light treatment of it. and a friend invited me to see “A Most Wanted Man,” which reminded me of the all the nordic detective shows and movies I’ve loved. Played some racquetball, went on a long bike ride with my sweetie (who roller skated the whole way).

And Monday rolls around again, along with a week crammed with inking the Little Dee graphic novel. I am ready for it! 🙂

08/08/14 Before You Die


Busy times. Met up with the co-organizers for the “drawing theater productions” thing, and we discussed how the season went and what ideas we had for next year. Some black gesso I ordered arrived, and so I coated all the blank canvases I have. Had an excellent idea for my novel, and so I did a quick edit throughout it integrating the idea. Inked a crap-load more Little Dee pages. played racquetball. Made soup. Cleaned house.

Where the heck all this energy came from is beyond me.

Don’t forget i have a Patreon! The postcards level is awesome.

08/06/14 Duty to Cheer


Go, Dr. Abigail Allwood! Leading NASA’s search for life on Mars. From everything I’ve read she’s super smart, and it’s so nice to see more and more women getting recognition in science.

Heck, it’s just been an exciting space exploration week. The European spacecraft “Rosetta” is nearing a comet, where it’s going to send a little exploration unit. How cool is that?

Also, Monday night I did an 8″x8″ oil painting using a live model. I am very pleased. For those who have requested it, the image below is “safe for work” click HERE for the “NSFW.”

06/23/14 Taking Charge


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Everything was fine here. I went in and did some drawings during a local play production (the dress rehearsal) of “Fully Committed” starring Sam Lloyd (from “Scrubs”), pictures which will hang in the lobby during the run of the show. It’s a fun program called “TOONing In” (which kinda happened because I saw it done in portland and passed that kernel along). I haven’t scanned them in or anything, but I will soon and share some then.

My sweetie and I FINALLY got to Massachusetts for the first time this year, just barely enough time to do a whirlwind visit of my dad and then my mom. Funny how weekends can be so exhausting!

06/18/18 All About

For those who didn’t notice: I have set up a Patreon page! A way of easy tipping which would have made even Edward Bellamy proud. if you don’t want to trek all the way there to see the video i did explaining it all (the first minute is actually even informative), here you go!

Now you should go to the Patreon page, before another moment passes! 🙂


Monday was good. Met up with plein air buddies (first time since last summer) and we sat around painting and drawing and drinking tea. What a fun way to work!

If you didn’t visit my Patreon page above, check it out!