10/27/14 Unstoppable Plans


Had a fun weekend. Went out with friends Friday night. Saturday I perused the farmer’s market before getting a coffee and setting down to write for a couple hours at the library. Later, just before it began raining, I even got some racquetball in. Sunday I went and saw “Dead Poet’s Society” on the big screen, which is such a lovely film. Then I spent a relaxed evening fiddling with reference photos for a new painting and coloring Little Dee pages.

Oh, and Friday, on my way out, I figured out how to form my next comic project together. I found the glue for it so-to-speak. That was exciting.

09/26/14 Laying Down The Law


I have this weird thing, where actions tend to have consequences in my stories. Cap’n Angie stepping in WAS the appropriate thing to happen.

Oh, and I keep meaning to mention the review of Spacetrawler over at Skjam. And thanks for the mention by Gini Koch (author of the funny Touched By An Alien series) regarding my being mentioned on io9. 🙂

Fortunately I only MOSTLY packed shorts for my trip since it was supposed to mainly be in the 80s. Looks like the weather decided to change, and now it’s the 60s. Wet and chilly! Of course, what better way to remind me of living in the PacNW. 🙂

09/24/14 Star’s Options


A quick announcement. On October 14th, a new strip will be running here on Tuesday and Thursday, alongside “One Way.” The piece is titled “Julie Phazer, Hero of Sol” and is an action adventure sci-fi (occasionally comedic) story written by myself and drawn by the amazingly talented Don Ahé. I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

The convention was, indeed, a fine thing. Had some good conversations and the time passed quickly.

Ahhhh, it’s Wednesday. I’m down in the northern tip of California, visiting my sister. Beautiful area, although sad about the toickly.

09/22/14 Angie’s Rut


I’m writing this blog on Friday, so let’s ASSUME that I had a great time at the Rose City Comic Con. If Not, I’ll tell you all about it on Wednesday.

Lauren Davis over at “io9” added “Spacetrawler” to her list of 10 webcomics that would make great shows. That would be SO. MUCH. FUN.

Thursday was the rain date for Glens Falls APE Chalk Fest, where I was the featured chalked. it rained AGAIN. But was intermittent enough, and enough people showed up, that it went forward. However, I only had about half the time to work as I needed (due to the weather), and so I didn’t finish it. But I got the important parts done.


Or…. the full vid walk around.

09/19/14 Pushed Too Far



I’ll be at Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR this weekend, table #526. Come stop by!





I’ll be at Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR this weekend, table #526. Come stop by!

So, I’ll be traveling until October 7th. I am pretty much done with all the strips during this period (been working hard), so there shouldn’t be any delays in posting the strip (well, assuming there are no technical difficulties).