11/14/14 Bad Information


How is it Friday already?

So, subscriptions should be working. The RSS feeds and the subscription notifications are for both strips. So, if you only want notifications for one or the other, adjust your subscriptions here. Or just email me.

If you want to subscribe, the subscription signup is in the goth column, but only in either the One Way or the Yontengu directories, since the subscriptions are separate.

11/12/14 Galichknar’s Question


Yay! As you can see, the site overhaul is here upon us.

The basic idea is this. I hope to keep all my future strips running on this site, and so with the help of Stewart (and Corey!) we’ve built a multi-site site. Giving each comic its own directory.

One big advantage is that if you want to read one strip, but not the other (including via RSS feeds), you can do that in their individual directories. Or go to the main page and read both.

On the main page it will put up the most recent two posts along with blogs.

To comment, you need to go to the strip’s directory, one of these two places:
There are still bits to iron out, feel free to let me know what they might be either in the comments, or contact directly.

11/07/14 Francisco's Redemption


Walked around today (Thursday) bumping into people in town, which was lovely. And a really good bowl of Thai noodles at Samantha’s Cafe in Glens Falls.

Am down in NYC now (Thursday night), staying with a friend, and am going to spend tomorrow in the MET. I haven’t been since I was around in high school, and I’m very excited to go. I plan to steal all the good techniques the masters ever had. 🙂

10/27/14 Unstoppable Plans


Had a fun weekend. Went out with friends Friday night. Saturday I perused the farmer’s market before getting a coffee and setting down to write for a couple hours at the library. Later, just before it began raining, I even got some racquetball in. Sunday I went and saw “Dead Poet’s Society” on the big screen, which is such a lovely film. Then I spent a relaxed evening fiddling with reference photos for a new painting and coloring Little Dee pages.

Oh, and Friday, on my way out, I figured out how to form my next comic project together. I found the glue for it so-to-speak. That was exciting.