05/02/14 What Angie Would’ve Done


Been strange weather. low forties yesterday, low seventies today. Ah, spring in New England. Love it.

Went and saw “Noah” with ย friend. A real mixed bag. Lotsa’ good stuff, but overall it felt like a mess. Too many characters and too much story, so it felt like nothing was done in depth enough. But, overall it was entertaining.

Oh, and I finally got around to buying a bus ticket for TCAF next weekend (a red-eye. My, won’t I be peaky!). Look for me tabling with the TopatoCo folk!

04/30/14 Sleep is The Answer


I am getting lost further and further in my head these days. Writing writing writing writing.

Now that the weather is nicer, I got one of the old bikes up and running, and rode it to play racquetball. 7 minute biking rather than a 4 minute drive. A FOUR minute drive. To hit a ball against a wall for a half hour. We are such insane creatures. We don’t deserve this planet any more.

Saw “Only Lovers Left Alive” and it was wonderful. I think it might be my favorite Jim Jarmusch yet. And worth it to see it on the big screen. It really is more of an “experience” film than a “plot” one.

Speaking of plot. have I mentioned that I’ve been writing? Oh. I have. Right then.

04/28/14 Two Things Left


So, I renewed my YMCA membership this week. A little more expensive than last year, but racquetball is the only physical activity I’ve found that I seem to enjoy (and thus actually do). But it feels good, I’ve been going in a bunch. In fact, I just dusted off the bicycle, and will be zipping over to the YMCA on that rather than driving there. Yay!

Had another gaming night at my friend Charlotte’s, where I got to play Sheepshead again. I do love a good strategy game, and that has JUST enough to be both strategic but social.

Started a new painting this weekend. One of my two siblings and myself. It’s my first painting where I’ve tried painting on a dark background, and I have to admit, I think I really love doing that. Here’s what I got so far. ๐Ÿ™‚


04/25/14 How Long Left


Today I got a ton of stuff done. I had a huge list. Check. Check. Check.

Sometimes when I have a long list of things to do, I find I’ve done something I never put on the list in the first place. I find it VERY satisfying to then ADD it to the list and cross it off.

Makes me wonder who exactly I’m making these lists for. Am I just trying to impress myself? If so, I could have told myself that I was already impressed with myself BEFORE I even STARTED working on the dang list. Would save me a lot of work.

Maybe I’ll just make a list and cross everything off without doing anything on it. THAT my friends is LIVING.

Anyhow, here’s a doodle of Mal (Nathan Fillion) from Firefly for ya.


04/23/14 Feed Scouring


It’s official, I got my approval for a table at the Rose City Comic Con September 20-21 (and don’t forget, I’ll be at TCAF May 9-11, in about 2.5 weeks).

Sadly, today was the last (free at local college) studio drawing until AUTUMN. But happily, I made time and went. Always good to draw different stuff in different styles (ink with washes, straight ink, and pencil). (Drawings covered up because people have asked for that, since they work jobs and such. For the NSFW version, CLICK HERE!)


04/21/14 Wild Higgs Particles


If you’re wondering all about THIS HIGGS DRIVE, there actually is a thorough history written of it by my friend/consultant Fred. READ IT HERE!

Had a nice weekend. Drove with my dad down to visit family in Philadelphia. Found out later that it was Easter, so that was maybe an extra bonus I guess? I got to play some golf, but I didn’t quite get under par.


04/18/14 Heavy Limbs


It’s been a while, but I’ve had hangovers in my days. I can’t imagine this tacked onto it.

Been a busy couple of days. Lots of writing. Getting ready for travel. A friend from Seattle is going to be an hour north of here, and then going to visit family for the weekend. Looking forward to it.

We managed to capture a local stray today (big-paw Roger), and took him to the vet. Snip! Snip! 3-to-4 million cats & dogs euthanized every year, so if you want a pet, adopt! And in the meantime “catch & release” / neuter & spay your local strays!

Annnnd spring is back in motion. It was high seventies on Monday and then snowed tuesday night. But it has melted, so sanity can again be pretended.

04/16/14 In Olivia’s Opinion


Phew! I finally resolved the navigation issue. Yay! You should be able to find your way around now. ๐Ÿ™‚

I missed studio drawing this week because I finally completely mapped out the next chapter in one of the novels I’m writing, and pounded the entire thing out. Fun! But I did do a little bit more work on my oil painting. It’s coming along.


04/14/14 What’s Up


Had a nice weekend. Read some of my poetry at a poetry reading at a friend’s house on Saturday. Saw some classical piano on Sunday. Enjoyed the warm spring sun.

Still trying to figure out why the heck my wordpress theme is not picking up on permalinks. The “next” and “previous” links only work from the home page, but they go along a different route than the actual archive pages (which are listed on the left). I added the BIG double-arrow navigators to the outside of the page, which work from the actual archive pages, so you can use those. The slowness is that I’m having to ask various people for help (it is beyond my knowledge) and although the people helping are absolute saints, it takes time to respond etc. But, hopefully up soon! (if curious, watch the exciting discussion here)